Organising Committee

David Walker

David Walker is an Associate Lecturer in Computer Science at the University of Exeter. The focus of his PhD was the understanding of many-objective populations. A principal component of his thesis involved visualising such populations and he is particularly interested in how evolutionary algorithms can be used to enhance visualisation methods. More recently, his research has investigated evolutionary methods for the data mining of many-objective populations, as well as for training artificial neural networks. He is currently working on a project which applies evolutionary algorithms to the design of novel photonic structures. His general research interests include visualisation methods, evolutionary problem solving, particularly for machine learning problems, and techniques for identifying preference information in data.

Richard Everson

Richard Everson is Professor of Machine Learning at the University of Exeter. He has a degree in Physics from Cambridge University and a PhD in Applied Mathematics from Leeds University. He worked at Brown and Yale Universities on fluid mechanics and data analysis problems until moving to Rockefeller University, New York to work on optical imaging and modelling of the visual cortex. After working at Imperial College, London, he joined the Computer Science department at Exeter University. His research interests lie statistical pattern recognition, multi-objective optimisation and the links between them. Recent interests include the optimisation of the performance of classifiers, which can be viewed as a many-objective optimisation problem requiring novel methods for visualisation. Research on the construction of league tables has led to publications exploring the multi-objective nature and methods of visualising league tables.

Jonathan Fieldsend

Jonathan Fieldsend is Senior Lecturer of Computer Science at the University of Exeter. He has a degree in Economics from Durham University, a Masters in Computational Intelligence from the University of Plymouth and a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Exeter. He has held postdoctoral positions as a research fellow (working on the interface of Bayesian modelling and optimisation) and as a business fellow (focusing on knowledge transfer to industry) prior to his appointment to an academic position at Exeter.

His research interests include multi- and many-objective optimisation, machine learning and statistical pattern recognition and the interface between these areas. Work in these fields has led to an interest in visualisation, which in turn has led to peer reviewed work on the application and comparison of existing visualisation techniques to new domains, and the investigation of novel visualisation techniques. He has been active within the evolutionary computation community as a reviewer and program committee member since 2003.