VizGEC 2016

VizGEC 2016 will take place on Thursday 21st July. Each speaker will talk for 25 minutes, with up to 10 minutes for questions. The schedule is as follows:

Session One

  • 08:30 - Workshop opening
  • 08:35 - Visualizing genetic programming ancestries using graph databases (Nic McPhee)
  • 09:10 - Visualisation and Analysis of Genetic Records Produced by Cartesian Genetic Programming (Lukas Sekanina and Vlastimil Kapusta)
  • 09:45 - Visualizing for success: How can we make the user more ef´Čücient in interactive evolutionary algorithms? (Juan-J. Merelo, Mario Garcia-Valdez and Carlos Cotta)

Session Two

  • 10:40 - Enabling Dominance Resistance in Visual Distance-Based Many-Objective Problems (Jonathan Fieldsend)
  • 11:15 - Learning Features for Discriminative Behavior Analysis of Evolutionary Algorithms via SFA (Chengshan Pang, Mang Wang, Weiming Liu and Bin Li)
  • 11:50 - Discussion
  • 12:20 - Workshop closing